We are pleased that you considering our church to begin your lives together.  We believe that a marriage built on the foundation of Jesus Christ will stand the test of time, and that such a marriage can only be successful if each member has a personal relationship with Jesus.  Our prayer is that Jesus will be at the center of your relationship and your commitment to one another.  We all fall short of the full glory of God, but as each of us endeavor to grow closer to Him, we inevitably grow closer to each other and the same is true of married couples.  A couple that is submitted to Christ and to each other will have a marriage that works.

We celebrate with you on this very special occasion.  Because Newport Foursquare is a church that honors Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we ask that you respect the beliefs that are held by this church in considering your ceremony.  With that said, there are a few common issues that come up during these times and it is good to address them up front...

Pre-marital counseling is highly recommended.  We would suggest that the couple participate in six weekly counseling sessions.  If you are coming from out of town to have your wedding on the coast, please give us the contact information of the person you are counseling with and we will speak with them in an effort to endorse those sessions as valid.

Alcoholic drinks and smoking are not allowed on Newport Foursquare  Church property for wedding events.

Pastor’s who are not licensed with The International Church of The Foursquare Gospel must be pre-approved by Pastor Cameron Martin, Senior Pastor of Newport Foursquare Church.

We do not have a Wedding Coordinator.  You are responsible for organizing and running your own ceremony.  We will provide support staff to help you have a great experience in our facility, but cannot assume responsibility for managing your event.

The fees for hosting your wedding at Newport Foursquare Church are not negotiable.  Please recognize the position that the person making decisions is in before asking them to make an exception.  Both Facility Fees are waived for families for tithing members of Newport Foursquare Church who have been attending for at least six months.

The scheduling calendar is busy and valuable.  Placing an event on our calendar means no other event can take place at that time.  Please respect the others who use our facility by scheduling ahead and standing by your scheduling request.  After reviewing this information, contact us to see if your potential date is available.  We ask that you return the ceremony contract and deposit (50% of total fees) to secure your date.  No date is guaranteed without a contract and deposit.  Confirming and securing dates and times are the responsibility of those requesting the event.

You can download our Wedding Ceremony Contract, which includes pricing, by clicking HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact us with any questions.

Newport Foursquare Church